The program of legal education centers on a challenging, rigorous course of study emphasizing problem solving skills through critical thinking and analysis. The objective is to give a proper foundation for the ultimate practice of law and to afford the student with an adequate number of basic courses and electives to provide a well-rounded legal education.

From the first-year course of Introduction to Law and Legal Reasoning to the final-year Lawyering Skills, students will engage in and learn from in-depth discussion, discourse and debate examining legal precepts and principles of jurisprudence known as black letter law.


Instruction focuses on analysis of appellate cases, the traditional source of legal studies. Professors  employ various pedagogical techniques ranging from Socratic disquisition, to lecture, to small group discussions.

Mid-term and final examinations are given, covering the material previously presented, to evaluate the student's grasp of the subject matter as well as to give students an early opportunity for gauging their own progress. Additionally, some instructors may give random quizzes as a means to reinforce students' comprehension of the course materials.

Miles Law School requires students to maintain a grade point average of 2.0 ("C") for all course work. Students who do not have an overall GPA of 2.0 or better at the end of any semester are automatically placed on academic probation. At the end of the probationary period, the student must have attained a 2.0 GPA or be dismissed from the law school.

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The Miles Law School Experience