Law school is unique in many respects from other fields of study. It requires a period of acclimation to a new way of thinking and processing information.

Weekly class preparation entails a copious amount of reading assignments and case briefing along with research and writing. This experience is virtually universal for nearly all law students-everywhere.

Yet, the Miles Law School experience incorporates all of the traditional aspects of legal studies and adds special character and flavor of its own that separates it from all others. Firstly, by catering to “non-traditional” and socially conscious students, the law school creates an environment of “determined achievers“. Secondly, our history as an evening school remains the bedrock of our existence, which guides our present and shapes our future. Thirdly, our faculty members’ courtroom-to-classroom teaching enriches student learning.

While law school commands a serious, focused mind, it is not one dimensional in its purpose.

Miles Law School provides opportunities for leadership and community service through participation in student organizations. The Student Bar Association, the Black Law Students Association and  Delta Theta Phi legal fraternity all solicit and encourage student involvement and activities promoting student camaraderie, altruistic service and civic improvement.